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Anonymous has asked: Ryan Murphy, Justin Bieber, Macklemore, iggy however the fuck you spell her last name, and long greasy haired chord overstreet


Marry- Ryan

Fuck- Macklemore

Kiss- Iggy

Cuddle- Chord

Drunk with- Justin

Not cool nonny…not cool.

Oohhh girl. I knew this was bad news bears when you said marry Ryan Murphy

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Anonymous has asked: brittany and sam are together in the beginning when glee starts.. all of the main couples are split up.. they explain what happens with santana and her why they broke up.. the person that said this was right about stuff last season.. so yeah its shit




This got to be the dumbest thing ever.

Anon do you have the link?

Well this is interesting if it is true. The time jump is only 6 months. With Brittany being on tour, when do she have time to get back with Sam?

Yes, I know Glee has no logic but this has to be the dumbest idea yet. Why into last season with two of the remaining couples broken up. Plus do they have the season planned yet?

They are really trying to piss off the fandoms aren’t they?

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On episode 9 of Big Brother Canada (Cause bb16 is just…no words). Anywho I really want Gary to win, right now. 

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following back everyone until i find a tumblr gf♡


heartofsnixie What movie is Dianna doing with my wife Rosario Dawson?

It’s a movie called Famous. It’s on IMDB. I would post the link but I don’t feel like it lol.

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The Bus List epiclove-proudlyso

  • Erza
  • Detective Tanner
  • Sam
  • Santana’s Abuela. We need to do her good so her ass won’t transform into Araya.

Who else?

Mr. Shue ass.

I forgot about him. 

Get Finn’s letterman jacket first

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