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Ice bucket challenge got me like


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theartistformerlyknownasokiku313 replied to your postNo one likes going to the DMV. The DMV sucks in every state.

I’m trying to avoid it. This is so weird! I have all of my cards and my phone. I’m used to losing my phone not my id

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theartistformerlyknownasokiku313 replied to your postHow are we supposed to get drinks if you don’t have your ID? I don’t think you lost it in the bar.

See and that’s the problem because if I didn’t lose it in the bar Idk where it is. If someone picked it up then they should’ve messaged me awhile ago (if they’re a decent person). Guess I gotta go to the DMV

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I always hoped I wouldn’t be that girl that lost her driver’s license in a bar…but I am. I would hope that if someone found it they try to message me.

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Taking her hair and makeup off.


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Conner you need to keep it together!!

He seems to be the shooting star

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I don’t like Connor. He’s creepy looking and I just…I don’t like him

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Fitz knows he’s married right?

What I ask myself every time he gets mad at Olivia 

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Let one of the Obama daughters get caught up in some scandal. Every black parent is going to be lined up outside of the white house ready to give them a whoopin

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Those damn Grey sisters

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Well, due to this episode of Stalker, I’m glad that I took my closet doors off.. NOW NO ONE IS HIDING IN THAT BITCH

I gotta do another run through of my place. I always double check shit after watching stalker.

but is next week’s episode about a stalker that uses his victims’ fears to torment them?

It looks like it.. All I saw was snakes and I was like NOPE

haha not okay!

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This girl code episode is too real

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